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Last week, Tiger Woods apologized to his friends, family, fans and business partners at a nationally televised speech from Florida, expressing regret for his recent illicit behaviors. Few people will likely ever find themselves in his shoes, but there are several communications lessons that can be drawn from his speech, applicable to anyone trying to communicate effectively: 

  1. Be authentic. In good times, and especially during the bad times, it is critical to be authentic in your communications. It’s tough to judge what was behind this particular speech, and whether it was truly a sincere effort, or one that was thrust upon Tiger by his advisors to help “make good” with the public. On paper, the speech reads as though it could have been heartfelt, but its delivery was less than stellar, and made me question his sincerity. Personal reactions to this Read the rest of this entry »

Every few months, we Americans lay witness to public relations gaffes of epic proportions. As we approached the end of 2009, the frontrunners for “PR Nightmare of the Year” appeared to be Domino’s Pizza and David Letterman. However, as many a PGA pro can attest, you never can count Tiger Woods out of the running until the last hole of the last round has been played. It appears that, once again, Tiger has stepped up his game in the 11th hour, taking PR debacles and media scrutiny to a new level.

Now, I’m no golf enthusiast. I’m really not much of a sports fan. And I’m certainly not into celebrity gossip. So in general, I’ve tried to tune out this Tiger situation. Personally, I believe that what a person does in his or her private life should remain private. But, for better or worse, this is not the world we live in. People, particularly mega-celebrities, live their lives in the public arena. It goes with the territory.

So why am I adding to the glut of useless content already dedicated to this topic? Because every time a public luminary digs a reputational abyss for themselves, I’m inevitably asked: “What would your PR recommendations be if they were your client?” A few folks have already asked me about the Tiger situation, so I thought I would share my insights, garnered from years of PR experience. Here goes… pay attention… Read the rest of this entry »

This week, more than any I can remember recently, the media seems to be laser focused on the transgressions of top athletes. First came the news of the fine Serena Williams incurred for her verbal tirade on the US Open line judge and no one can escape coverage of Tiger Woods and his recent troubles. If you are feeling suffocated and discouraged by the attention paid either athlete and looking for an inspirational story of today’s true superheroes, I offer a movie recommendation. “The Blind Side” tells the powerful, positive and true story of the Tuohy family who welcome a homeless young man named Michael Oher into their home and their hearts, and in doing so, help him reach his full potential. Stories like theirs inspire me and remind me of the many the ways we can impact each others lives for the better