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Another week has flown by, which means that it’s time for “We are Thrilled” Friday (this is Communicate Good’s version of TGIF).  See my initial post on this topic here, and my follow up post here, for a bit of context.

Look – we all know how to find the sobering and upsetting stories in the news. Just read the front page of a newspaper, the home page of a news site, or watch the first 5 minutes of a news broadcast. Yet, despite the economy, the healthcare debate, and myriad international conflicts, there remains a wealth of individuals who are thrilled. You just need to know where to look…

1) Who better than funnyman Steve Harvey? … Steve Hogan, CEO of Florida Citrus Sports, is “thrilled to have The Steve Harvey Morning Show be a part of the 30th Anniversary of The Florida Classic. As the nation’s largest HBCU football game, we have a history of bringing fans a unique and exciting experience and we can’t think of a better man than Steve Harvey to kick off the celebration.”

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Last week, I posted about society’s (and particularly PR professionals) abuse of the term “we are thrilled.” The internal response to my post was very positive. So due in part to my obsessive compulsive behavior, my distaste for hyperbole, and the need to generate recurring content for this blog, I’ve begun tracking the “we are thrilled” phenomena in earnest.
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