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The old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words can be particularly useful to social-sector organizations looking for high-impact marketing initiatives.  Here are three examples from Flickr – a photo-sharing site where in a matter of minutes you can be up-and-running, posting images that illustrate your organization or cause. Just like YouTube, where only a tiny percentage of content virally “finds” an audience, organizations do still need to let their audiences know this content exists, and invite them to share it with others. A few illustrations:

Empowerment International provides education to impoverished children in Nicaragua. Its photostream includes pictures of children learning and playing:

Caught studying by KathyAAdams. 
These kids we ‘caught’ studying. This is a lovely sight for us to see in the barrio…a definite shift in culture of the value of education (and the ability to have one).
Very effective caption, as well!