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Last week, Tiger Woods apologized to his friends, family, fans and business partners at a nationally televised speech from Florida, expressing regret for his recent illicit behaviors. Few people will likely ever find themselves in his shoes, but there are several communications lessons that can be drawn from his speech, applicable to anyone trying to communicate effectively: 

  1. Be authentic. In good times, and especially during the bad times, it is critical to be authentic in your communications. It’s tough to judge what was behind this particular speech, and whether it was truly a sincere effort, or one that was thrust upon Tiger by his advisors to help “make good” with the public. On paper, the speech reads as though it could have been heartfelt, but its delivery was less than stellar, and made me question his sincerity. Personal reactions to this Read the rest of this entry »

I’m a big fan of GOOD – the magazine/blog/community for people who want  to “live well and do good.” (What’s not to like about that?) But their most recent contest caught my eye for all the wrong reasons:

GOOD’s “Island for Island” project is a contest that encourages their community members to beautify traffic islands, where the best transformation wins a trip to the tropical island of Dominica. In GOOD’s own words, the objective is “to make an unpleasant traffic island in your city less so.”islands_1
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