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I’m not a fan of the monthly “newsletter.” In general, I toss them upon arrival, and I typically advise clients against using them. There is, however, one monthly newsletter that I read religiously. It’s called Free Range Thinking, and not coincidentally, it deals with effective communications practices. Free Range Thinking is put out by a communications expert named Andy Goodman who has achieved guru-like status in the nonprofit and philanthropy sectors. His seminars and talks feel more like entertainment than work,¬†which means he practices what he preaches.

The cover story in this month’s newsletter is a great piece about how organizations can make compelling Web-based video. The article draws on the expertise of professional movie director Steve Stockman, who is currently writing Why Bad Video Happens to Good People (and how to keep it from happening to you). Chock-full of practical information and real videos to click on, I thought this would be an ideal article to reprint on Communicate Good. I checked with Andy Goodman, and he gave it the green light! Incidentally … if you would like to sign up for Free Range Thinking, you can do so here.

Web Video Worth Watching

A veteran director offers five tips for improving the videos on your website.

Now that you can hold an HD camera in one hand and upload your file to the web with the other, an increasing number of nonprofits are adding video to their sites. The process is inexpensive, easy to learn, and breathtakingly fast, but that doesn’t guarantee a watchable end product. In fact, in many cases the smooth path is more of a slippery slope. Good causes, meet bad videos. Read the rest of this entry »